First install, 7" touchscreen shows volumio login:

Hi I’m a noob. I’ve installed Volumio on a Pi 3B with a 7" touchscreen. All I get on the screen is volumio login: I’ve read on here about installing 7" touchscreen plugin, and it talks about SSH into Volumio and that sort of thing.
Simple questions
Where is the link to download the touchscreen plugin?
How do I SSH into Volumio on my MAC?
How do I install this plugin?

You find the Touch Display plugin in the plugin store (“Plugins” → “Search Plugins” → “System Hardware”), so you don’t need to connect to Volumio via SSH in order to install the plugin.

An SSH connection might be necessary to do specific settings for your screen. If and what settings have do be made depend on the type of screen. So please provide the brand and exact model name of the screen.

Regarding the Touch Display plugin I recommended to install version 3.3.5beta as version 3.3.1stable has a problem applying touch rotation settings which is fixed in 3.3.5beta. Unlike 3.3.1 the beta version also detects download errors and cancels the installation of the plugin if such an error occurs. In this case, the plugin would not appear in the list of installed plugins, giving the impression that the installation was successful.

In order to be able to install beta versions of plugins at first you need to enable “Plugins Test Mode” on http://volumio.local/dev; maybe you have to use the IP address of your Volumio system instead of “volumio.local”.

After that head over to the plugin store and click on the “Details” button for the Touch Display plugin and choose “Install v3.3.5(beta)”.

Be aware that updating the plugin from a beta version to a newer beta version of the same plugin is not possible in the proper sense, but requires to uninstall the older version and install the newer one. Uninstalling a plugin erases the settings you may have made on the plugin’s config page.

I also suspect, that it is not possible to update from the beta version of a plugin to a newer stable version, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. So if you want to change to the stable branch of a plugin you would probably have to uninstall the beta version first.

Hi thank you for getting back to me.
I’ve installed the plug in as advised and enabled it. Within about a minute it comes up with ‘Error connecting to xserver’

Hi on the screen it says
Rapbian GNU/Linux 10 volumiolounge tty1

Welcome to Volumio!
Web UI available at volumiolounge.local and then the IP address.
[ 103.7298771] EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p3): ext4_validate_block_bitmap:390: comm sed: bg 368: bad blockbitmap checksum

What version of the plugin did you install?

What is the brand and exact model name of your screen?

I followed your instruction and enabled “Plugins Test Mode”. On going back into install plugins it shows
Author: Volumio Team, gvolt and Version:3.3.5 Updated:23-9-2021. It doesn’t say beta. I installed this. Oddly when i enabled it I’m told it’s Version:3.3.1
The screen I am using is the official Raspberry Pi 7" Screen

Is this shown in the list of installed pugins?

When you went to installing the plugin, did you click “Details” and then choose “Install v3.3.5(beta)”?

Hi no I didn’t know about that step. I’ve uninstalled and clicked details and chosen 3.3.5beta. I ran this and at 70% I get “An error occurred while installing the plugin Error”

I’m going to try reinstalling Volumio on a new micro sd card

I guess you had 3.3.1 installed initially and a download error occured when the plugin was installed. Therefore one or more software packages were probably missing and causing the error message “Error connecting to xserver”.

That’s the reaction of 3.3.5beta, if the downoad or installation of a software package during the plugin’s installation occurs.

Make sure to wait several minutes after the first boot so the data partition can fully expand. On a system where the data partition had not been expanded there is typically not enough space for all the software the Touch Display plugin needs and tries to download.

Hi i did uninstall 3.3.1 before installing 3.3.5

Anyway with a new install of Volumio to a new micro SD card it finally all works. I can only assume there was a corruption somewhere on the original installation.
Thank you for all your help.