First and last time I'll buy Premium service!


Just wanted to share my bad experience with the expense of Premium Service. I’m based in Switzerland but I have been charged European VAT which is non sense and email for claim about sales never answered my claim…
I’ll make sure not to renew next year.
It’s sad as Volumio itself works great and I have no complain about it.


Hi Vincèn,
our payments and tax remittance and calculations are handled by our payment provider Paddle. They automatically apply VAT when appropriate and then remit these taxes to local tax authorities. We use this system because applying taxes worldwide is an extremely complex task, and therefore they are able to manage this way better and more accurately than we could ever do.

That being said. I am happy to write to them and ask clarifications about this case. Please send me a private message with the email you used to subscribe (cannot find your record with your email).

Also please let me know to which email you requested support and did not receive proper answer, so we can understand what went wrong in your case.