Files flac, on my Nas, are not read

I have many 16 bit flac, ripped from my cd music. With old version of volumio, all right. With new update, I set my Nas as cif, it find all folder , but music dB show 0 songs. If I enter in folder, by volumio i can not see list of flac.

Why ?

Hello @Lucaxxaa. Did you see an error message when you entered your settings on Network Drives? Is there a green tick under ‘mounted’? Did you click the Update button under My Music?

Here are my settings if that helps.

nasbak is the name of my nas and sibernas is a subdirectory with my music.

I resolve now!

No, no error messages, but I can’t see music.

Now i clean up, Nas config on volumio, and add newly, but add option vers=1.0

Now see all my music!

This must write on main guide, I hope

Great it’s woking. Enjoy you music.

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