Few bugs on volumio v 2.698 on odroid C2


Here are my observation about 2.698 version on odroid C2 - after two days experience :

  1. Update from 2.692 to 2.698 does not succed, so i did :
  2. Fresh install ( write to emmc)
  3. Install some tools : mc, device-tree-compiler, acpid, apt-utils
  4. Try to add sleep / wake up functionality via GPIO button, but this need more investigation …
  5. Install some plugins : AutoStart, Touch Display ( and set to VU7 display), System Information, Spotify, Spotify Connect 2, Radio Paradise, Personal Radio, 80s80s Radio, Last FM Scrobbler,
  6. Install some plugins and made some modification on them and on device-tree : GPIO Buttons, IR Remote Controller
  7. Disable some inputs : Bluetooth Playback, CD Playbac and Ripping, DLNA Browser
  8. Activate TIDAL
  9. Add network drives
  10. Scan took really long time ( 5 -6 hours), but finished successfully, about > 150k tracks
  11. Finally everithing is working as expected ( almost)

Here are the “bugs” ( features) found :

  1. If playing TIDAL, pause then play, produce track skipping after 20 - 30 seconds of play

  2. If playing TIDAL, the time indicator ( progess bar) shows after each track more and more wrong elapsed time ( about +5 sec per track)

  3. At reboot ( or turn off then turn on), ( at system start up) starting of MPD is really problematic : it hangs up in initializing the inotify with time out error, and it cycles forewer : start->time out->start->time out …
    Therefore I googled around the web and found “solution” : I changed MPD service type from notify to simple.
    But this is still problematic, inotify initialisation really took a long time… And while the mpd is not ready, Spotify is the only available service…

So, that is it !

Please comment !

About bug no. 3.

I thing I have found the best and simplies solution for timing out mpd service on start up ( for large databases) : there is a need to be disabled the auto update feature of mpd !

You can do this by editing /etc/mpd.conf and changing auto_update “yes” to auto_update “no”, but this file is owerwritten on every volumio process start up with this file : /volumio/app/plugins/music_service/mpd/mpd.conf.tmpl. So edit and change both file.
There is no need to touch /lib/systemd/system/mpd.service file.

I did this on PC version and odroid-C2 version of volumio 2.698. Both start up really fast, Auto Play from NAS works like a charm …

I hope this solution will be stable enough to keep it for a while ( currently is is 2 hours old :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the report about auto-update of MPD. We will investigate and in case, disable it.