Feature Suggestions

First of all, many thanks for developing an x86 version. As an audiophile, I’m not quite happy with tiny arm-based plaeys and the option to use this with a custom mini-pc or other device is a real plus. Plus, the fact that it boots to the current UEFI Atom processors is a big help, as these devices are cheap and very nice for bargain audiophile systems.

So far I would ask for:

  1. Installation to HD, including mini-pc’s with flash storage

  2. “Disable mixer” option. I edited mpd.conf for this and it changed from an okay player to a truly audiophile presentation.

  3. Disable Web GUI option after set up is achieved, for use with mpd clients without conflict with Web GUI and to reduce services.

With my $180 Atom-based mini-pc with USB boot and USB 3 output, this is so far the best sound I’ve gotten from computer playback. That includes Mac Mini with very expensive audiophile software installed. I think mpd is the best digital player I’ve heard, but as any novice can tell you, configuration is a gigantic PITA. Volumio is so close to solving this and competing with expensive elite audiophile server devices.

A million thanks for your work on this.

Very happy to hear this!

To reply your questions:

  • We’ll be adding an installation procedure very soon.
  • Yesterday it was added the possibility to disable all volume controls
  • Volumio2 is designed to draw a tiny amount of processing power when the UI is not in use. Plus, mpd clients are not suggested as they don’t provide an optimal usability with the current playback system.

Thanks for the feedbacks!

Fair enough, thanks for your reply!