Favorite webradio covers and bitrates

Dear Volumio team

Thanks for a great music platform!

I started Volumio recently and have two suggestions to improvements I hope you will consider.

As I listen to a lot of webradio, I think it’s a shame, that when you play a station from the favorite list, the station lose it’s cover art in the list and on the Now Playing page - even though the station had cover art when you first added it from the webradio search.

And this is as much a question as a suggestion:
When you search for a webradio you are always (I think) only presented with one bitrate option, often 128 kbps. It would be really great to have the option to choose a higher bitrate.
Ex. in Volumio you can listen to the station Jazz24 in 128 kbps, but they also broadcast in 256 kbps aac - a difference you actually can hear https://www.jazz24.org/streaming-links/.
But maybe Volumio pulls the webradio list, from a database that doesn’t allow more than one bitrate?

Either way thanks for your work, and I hope you will consider my suggestions.

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Thanks for your suggestion! This is what we want to hear :wink:

For N1: This was possible until the Webradio service API we use changed
For N2: Good idea, added to todolist (but very low priority)


Agree with the first comment, specifically for Jazz24, which I listen to a lot!! If I add the station to my Favorites from a search I see it has the correct icon at that point,

but if I move away and come back to it, it only shows the generic headphone icon.

The only way to show an icon, it seems, is to save it to Favorites by clicking on the “heart icon”image, but if I do that, it saves it with a totally different Jazz24 icon,

and of course confuses the issue by changing the listing by using the name of the tune playing when I saved it. No doubt it is working as designed but it is frustrating.

One tweak that would really be great is if we could have Favorite Radios show up on the higher level menu (like under Web Radios), so that you don’t have to first select Web Radio and then select Favorite Radios. I am sure the effort to make this change wouldn’t be justified considering all your other priorities, but it would be nice for folks who use Web Radio a lot.

I am still learning how to customize stuff and I think that it is undeniably the best music player from all the ones I have tried out, and I have it running at home all day :+1:t4: :two_hearts: so thanks for a great product!! I have also been impressed/inspired by all the DIY projects and plan on a stand-alone design soon.