Fastest Pi for boot time?

Hi everyone, i have Volumio installed on my Raspberry Pi 3B with a 32gb Micro SD card, my average boot time is 1min 30sec until i can interact with the GUI ( im using a 7inch touchscreen)

I was wondering if you experienced faster boot time with other raspberry pi? RPi 3B+ , RPi 4 8Gb ? And if so what is your boot time?

Im currently building a portable boombox speaker so the fastest the boot time the better it is.


You might get some improvemnt by choosing a high performing micro SD card.

I’ve noticed an improvement in music indexation speed by switching from a Sandisk Ultra to a Samsung Evo + card on my R Pi 3B+.
It most likely boots faster too, but I’ve never timed it, mine is just always on.

I’d focus less on the Pi and more on the SD. A 3b will be more than enough to process the volumio software, heck a PiZero will work just fine as all it’s doing is processing audio, something that a decent spec calculator could do! :blush:

Mine boots in about 25 / 30 seconds using this, V30 V60 and V90 cards are ridiculously fast but cheap they ain’t!

Thanks for your reply, i am using volumio with an HDMI 7"inch screen, i don’t know if you’re talking about 30sec with a screen or not? Im booting in 1min 30sec / 2min with an Kingston SD card i can’t remember the model im not currently at home.

So V90 card would boot faster?

I bought this, it say 160MB/s read and the on i currently have is a kingston SDCS-32GBCR 45MB/s read

That should be pretty rapid, is this what you’re using right now & still getting the issues?