fallback webgui for old smartphones like iphone 2g

One of the reasons I switched from my old fanless laptop to raspberry/volumio was to use my old iphone 2g at home as remote controller (I just hate to throw away working things just because they’re old) but it’s actually not possible because the volumio 1.1 webgui is not compatible with the old safari (also tried mercury, atomic, qbrowser, portal), I can’t see buttons graphic, one button goes on another line, footer sticks on the middle of the page and I can’t see the running time.

what about a fallback webgui for old devices? it will be great to use those little things laying around the house taking dust as remote controllers!

it seems there’s no mpd client for ios3 too, if you know one or a workaround please let me know!!

I don’t know much about iPhones. but could you Jailbreak it, then load an old version of an mpd player (if one exists)?

thanks for the reply, my iphone is jailbroken and I’m also running whited00r 7, it seems I can’t find an mpd client that runs on ios 3, the earlier version of mpod I’ve found wants ios 4 :frowning:

I’m also trying with my nintendo DSs, I’ve an old lite that can’t connect to my WPA protected AP but can run MpdDS (an mpd client for DS) and the newer nintendo 3DS that can connect to the AP but can’t run the client and show the exact problems on the webgui as the iphone 2g.

a fallback webgui for old devices could revive also those old nintendos!

just tried with wii, exactly the same problems with webgui :confused:

also tried with the Play Station Portable browser, the PSP opens the web gui but structure and buttons are missing