Failed update to Volumio 3.301/User & Password requested at first starup before internet connection setup


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.301
Hardware: RPI 4 model B (don’t remember how much RAM though…)
DAC: Allo DigiOne Signature

Debug Log

Not applicable in my case since it was at the first startup…

Steps to Reproduce

First issue: The update to Voumio v3.301 failed (don’t remember the previous version and had no way to connect to the pi after it failed… Then I did this:

Second issue:

  1. Flash microSD with volumio v3.301 for RPI using Rufus v3.18
  2. Insert microSD in RPI and power it ON
  3. Connect to first startup assistant and there you are: It requests you to login with your Volumio account while the internet connection has not been set up yet.

Additional Information

Workaround: Close the assistant and go the System menu and do everything manually from there. I’m good with that, but less technophile users will most certainly lose their crap…