Failed to open device volume after installing peppymeter

Hi. I’m running the latest Volumio on a Raspberry PI4 with 4GB ram, 32GB class 10 SD card. I’m connecting this to a SMSL M300 MkII DAC using USB. The DAC is connected to Willsenton tube amps driving Magnepan LRS speakers. It just sounds fantastic.

It has been working flawless. I just installed peppymeter and that also works without issue but now when I select music I get an error. It says; Failed to open “alsa” *alsa); Error opening ALSA device “Volumio”; snd_pcm_hw_parama_set_period_time_near() failed: Invalid argument. I’ve played with the screen saver timeout setting with no luck. Asked on Google and didn’t come up with any fixes. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


i think typo it should be

This is the error.

It’s fixed. I had to change the Alsa config to DSD native.

oke i was looking for that what you posted could not find that one with parama
nice that you fixed it. and yes you have to set the asla configuration.

Thank you for the help. Volumio is fantastic! I’m new to it but WOW I’m surprised how good it sounds using the USB connection from my PI4 to my SMSL DAC, and I really enjoy Web Radio. Peppymeter is a nice plugin. Hopefully it will become a standard plugins and not a manual instal. Thanks again.l

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