Failed to open ALSA device hw 5,0

I’m getting this error message repeatedly, despite reboots, etc.

I’m using a Volumio and the latest OS (I upgraded as part of the troubleshooting). No difference.

My volumio is essentially useless right now.

What is your device? What is your Dac ?
Was it working before?
Have you installed some plugin?

On Michelangelo’s advice I changed the output device. It will do digital output via SPDIF, but not USB. That solves the error code above, but not my basic problem.

Essentially, it won’t recognize that my DAC is connected via USB, which it did before in exactly the same setup. The only options I get in the settings->playback menu are analog and SPDIF (no optical, either…?)

Volumio Primo

Use Volumio app and BubbleUPnP