Failed OTA upgrade to Volumio3 (Pi4)

The OTA update to V3 did not go well here – the system-integrity check went fine, the backup was created, the upgrade began, seemed to be progressing, then the spinning circle where the web-page used to be; then the system just disappeared. I assume it crashed completely, but it certainly was no longer on the network – not on the device-list of the router, couldn’t be pinged, gone from the myvolumio page visible on the other volumio devices . I tried to power down and restart, but the system is now not bootable.
This is a Pi4.
I really really didn’t want to mess with copying images to an SD card, but I suppose there is now no other option?


My guess is that Volumio restarted once it was done updating, and now you can only connect to it checking your wifi networks - Volumio should be one of them. Password should be “volumio2”.

Thank you for your help. The device is not there though – I know my network and I recognize all of the devices that are currently connected. I also know the MAC address of that Pi and that does not appear on the device listing. I’ll see if I can get a monitor attached.

I think you misunderstood me. Volumio should appear as a new wifi network, so you can connect to it as you would connect to any wifi network. (using volumio2 as password).

From which version did you updated?

(I updated from the most recent pre-3 version – 2.917, I think).
But thank you, stamata, for the hint. You were perfectly correct in your guess about my `problem’.
In my own defence (:slight_smile: I will say that I had no idea at all that the temporary creation of a new local wifi network was part of the OTA update process. But all is good now; the update is complete and so far I am really enjoying listening to and tinkering with 3.165. Thanks to all who made this possible and to those who helped.

I’m glad that I could help :slight_smile: