Fail to connect Web-Ui Main page


I managed to install on a raspberry 3 Volumio this morning, and I can, with my computer (ethernet router connection) access the Web-UI interface Main page and use Volumio.

My problem is my phone, connecting via Wifi to the router cannot connect to Volumio. Whether with chrome, and the ip address. Or with the application, which does not find the device, or even by manually adding the ip address.

Can you help me ? thank you very much

Hello @Axel_Ricard, just checking, can you access your Volumio system from your computer via wifi? If so, it maybe your phone is not on the same wifi network as Volumio.
Possibly you are not using the right ip address. You can check this by going to Network Settings in Volumio. There you can see the wifi status and the ip address you should put in your phone browser’s address bar.

Thanks for your help.
So, I don’t understand why, but I can’t access Volumio with my computer since 1h00.
Of course, my phone and my computer are on the same network.

When I still had access to Volumio, the IP address was Do you think this address is correct?

Thanks for your help. I was able to enjoy the music all morning, it’s annoying: p!

On my computer, I have just insisted several times and I have just been able to access Volumio again. It makes no sense !
I took the opportunity to take screenshots.!

Well good that it’s working again, looks like you had the correct ip address.
Sounds like a network issue. After a few weeks my router sometimes stops working as it should. Complete power off, wait 10 seconds and plug back in and everything works again.