Factory reset wipes internal HDD?


I was having some problems with playback, so I did a “Delete user data” and “Factory Reset”. To my very big surprise all my music seems to be deleted from the Volumio internal HDD.

Here’s the warning message on Delete user data:
“This will delete all your personal settings, favorites and playlists (USB and NAS music won’t be deleted). The system will automatically restart once data has been deleted. Do you want to continue?”

And here is the message on Factory Reset:
“This will reset your device to factory settings, all your settings will be lost. The system will automatically restart once reset. Do you want to continue?”

It seems it doesn’t mention wiping music storage from HDD. It only mentions settings, playlists, etc. Am I missing something?

Good thing I have most of the music backed up. Still, I’ll have to put several hours of work to order and process the non-backed up part…

EDIT: In case you are wondering, both options delete internal Volumio drive. You can see the answers below. Also, interesting that Factory Reset doesn’t mention anything about user data, but it wipes it nevertheless. Conclusion: keeping music on Volumio’s internal drive is not safe.

Volumio will not have wiped your hdd. Have you tried mounting it again? What exactly tells you that the hdd has been wiped?

That’s strange…

In the Volumio My Music tab, it wasn’t showing any counters for Artists, Albums, Tracks and Playtime. I tried Rescan and Update several times with nothing changing.

Then I checked from my PC the Volumio internal music folder (Internal Storage) in \VOLUMIO network path and it was empty.

I don’t know how to mount the HDD again. Maybe mounting applies for external HDD only…

Ah, you were using the spare capacity on the SD card for music storage, not a USB HDD as I read your post. Yes, this may well be lost on a factory reset … it is considered to be user data.