extreme audiophile switch

I’m reading about the plans for new features on volumio, they are all great improvements and I thank michelangelo and all the people working on it for their great job but I’m a bit aware those new features (that I’ll actually not use) will slow down the system adding more jitter, cracks, crackles etc. now I’m 97% happy with volumio 1.1, I’m missing only three features: no audible jitter/cracks/pops, no mpd crash, webgui for old devices like iphone 2g. I can easily drop the last one. while I don’t use a lot of its features (like i2s, dsd, interpolation, alsa, software mixer, ffmpeg, etc) and I’m just hoping those features are not adding cracks on my music giving me nothing even while disabled.

so what I’m asking for is an “extreme” switch to lower cpu/bus/net load using only wifi and usb, cutting down everything can add jitter to the stream, just read my flacs from the nas and send it to the dac.

let me know if it makes sense.

just to let you know, it seems I’ve solved my pops&cracks problem adding dwc_otg.speed=1 to /boot/cmdline.txt

I’ve heard only a single crack in the last one hour of playback

it’s documented in the raspify forum as usb fix, it seems strange to me it was not implemented in volumio.

Very good idea!

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    I already suggest Mikelangelo for an superlight and audiophile version of Volumio :slight_smile:

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