Extract audio without using spdif input.

I have the Virtuoso plan, I have several doubts, but I will expose them in separate posts to facilitate the response.

I use a Khadas TB, I am very satisfied with Volumio, it manages it well and you get great audio quality. This card has a spdif entry, but the Virtuoso subscription has it closed, it is rare since I have bought this feature with the card, but Volumio blocks it. It is also strange that Virtuoso allows me to extract audio from my CD drive that is connected by Spdif with the Khadas, but how it is closed does not work. I find all this very confusing, I have the right to extract audio from CD but I have the entrance closed unilaterally by the same Volumio.

Please excuse me if I am saying something wrong, I am not exactly an expert in all this, rather I am quite neophyte, I also apologize for the quality of my English.

Best Regards