External sound source


I have volumio installed on my Pi 4 with a just boom DAC Hat and Amp.

None of these devices has the ability of capturing sound from an external source. There is no input port so I can’t plug an external source.

How can I do this?

Something that I can add to my Pi hardware and be recognized by Volumio?

Some other device that I can plug my external sound sources and act like an external media server on my network, and that I can add to Volumio?

Other solution? Any ideas?

The external sound sources can be my Playstation, my TV that has optical digital output port,…


Your questions seem very vague.
What do you mean by “capturing sound from an external source”?

The USB ports are available for connecting drives with music files on them.
The Bluetooth receiver can be enabled for receiving a music stream from your phone or similar.
There is usually an Airplay receiver that can accept a music stream from your phone or similar.
There is Web Radio built-in to play streams from internet radio stations.
There are plug-ins for other external streaming sources too.
Paid Volumio can have a USB CD drive connected to rip music from CDs to a USB connected hard drive.

I don’t know why you’d want to connect the TV to Volumio, it’s a stereo music player, not an AV receiver or surround sound processor. It seems weird to want to connect a games console to Volumio, what would that achieve? Just connect the games console audio out to your amplifier or AV receiver if you want the sound to play through your music or AV system. Volumio isn’t intended as some sort of preamp or input selector.

It might be useful to run REW through a Raspi with Volumio and then USB or HDMI inputs would be nice. Converting USB to HDMI and back would be nice too if Volumio would accept input other than formatted CDs on a USB drive. There are ADC boards that bring analog sound into Volumio.

Thanks for your answer. Maybe I’m using the wrong hw/sw. Because I don’t have a AV receiver I was trying to see if I could use my Pi/Volumio