External Dac's loose connection

Set up:
Rasberry Pi 4b
Topping D30 Pro Dac
Peachtree Nova 150

I have my Pi USB’d into both the external Dac (Topping) and also the Peachtree which offers a Sabre Dac. Both are easily accessible from the Playback options within Volumio. However, they both frequently lose connection so that there is no more sound. Often I can switch to the other DAC and all is fine for awhile but then again occurs. Then I will need to reboot. Also sometimes it takes Volumio awhile before it confirms the new configuration, like 30 seconds or even a couple of minutes. I am on 5G getting speeds of over 500mps.

There are no other bugs in my set up with Volumio or anything esle.

Any ideas?

Sounds like usb cable issues, try swapping for another one.

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Thanks for your response. They are both Audioquest cables which I presume are pretty good. I will try another cable with the topping and see what happens.

Have you tried having just one DAC connected at a time. Do you get the same disconnections happening ?
May be a conflict of some sort going on

@m1ck I am checking that now, well last night into today, and it does seem to be working much better. Thinning that maybe it. Thanks for your response.

Do you lose the sound while playing music? Or after the system have been on standby for longer times?

@Joni_Salminen Yes, what happens is the sound stops while Volumio is still playing the song. Then if I go try another song in another playlist or wherever the whole things slows down to a crawl and ceases to work. Then I reset the output to either the other DAC which generally works the first time or try to reengage the current DAC which occasionally works. But rebooting the Pi always works.

I see you tested above, did you test both DACs on their own and both work OK on their own.
Only when both are plugged in together the issue starts.

Did you try using different USB ports, both USB2.0 or both USB3.0 or one in each ?

I see both DACs have internal PSUs. Do you know if they both still draw power from the USB ? How good is the PSU for the RPi.
Just a few thoughts:)

@m1ck Just happened again. no reason for it. last night I unhooked the USB to NOVA150 and only have the one USB via USB 3 to the Topping DAC, Its via USB 3. The song starting paying after 25 other songs played perfectly and then poof, just stopped and Volumio just locked up.

Reboot the PI and all is good!


Seems you have narrowed it down to the Topping if its OK with the peachtree plugged in on its own.

You can try the Topping plugged into the USB 2.0 port test again, some devices can be picky when it comes to usb versions and even the usb controller chip. Dont worry the usb 2 port is plenty fast enough.
Failing that look to see if your firmware is up to date on the Topping and update if necessary.

No the direct connection to the Nova150 also locks up.

So when either of them are running on there own the system stops playing or locks up

Then the problem is almost certainly not either of the DACs

As above you can try the USB 2 port instead of the USB 3 and test again.
If still problems arise then I would, try changing PSU for the RPi,
Is the RPi well enough ventilated ?
Are you running any addons within Volumio

@m1ck appreciate the suggestions here. PI is well ventilated, and I am using a iFi power source. I am going to try your USB 2 port suggestion. Thanks

… hours later and it has not crapped out. Is it possible that it sounds better?

Dont want to tempt fate for you but …
What doesnt sound beter than no sound at all :wink:

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@M1ck I want to thank you for your help with this. My results are as follows.

  1. You were right.
  2. When I did one DAC from USB 2 only, this thing is flawless, can play for hours, can even start and stop, stop for hours, play again via the USB remote I am using. Don’t even need the interface to start it up.
  3. When I added in the second USB 2 DAC problems started happening again.

So I have this nailed down and am really happy. Thanks to all for your comments and especially to @M1ck for nailing the source of the problem and identifying solutions.

So I will stay with one, the Topping DAC, and Iam all set and happy.

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Glad you sorted it :+1:

@M1ck Can I ask one more question?. I like to learn. what led you to suggest going from USB 3 to USB 2. Could it be just that my USB port was crappy and why not try the other? Or is there something more, you alluded to that in a prior post. And also your other suggestion that having two plugged in at once may cause problems. That made total sense. Just curios how you knew to suggest that if you have a minute.

In a weird way it’s fun to have some of these problems because when you figure them out you get that little high. But I think I am pretty techie, so Volumio still may a bit much for some.

So, in that techie vain, my wife and I bought a TESLA and good lord, the documents said if you have a problem, reboot your TESLA. How Fn scary is that?

Sorry for the late reply, been away

The lead I use is just a normal / reasonable quality USB 2 lead from ebay. Had no problems with it at all.

As long as its not puny :slight_smile:

Yeah Good job Tesla doesnt run on windows, 80 mph down the fast last.

“Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart”.
We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.

10%…20%…2 mins later and 15mph…100% :smiley: