External Dac + Schiit Loki Mini EQ for Volumio

Currently, I have the PI4 running Volumio into the SMSL-SU8s DAC then into my powered AudioEngine 4 speakers. Mostly running Quboz and DSD files and really good. The only thing that is missing is the speakers are a little flat and at times I need less mid bass and a bit more high end. I have been patiently waiting for the Volumio EQ plug in to come back but who knows how long that will take. So my solution is the external Shiit Loki Mini + four band EQ. It runs about $150.00

Anyone have any experience with external EQ and Volumio or this device? Thoughts?

Well I will answer my own question. I bought the Loki Mini+ 4 band EQ and I have to say working as designed. It allowed me to cut the mid bass, up the subwoofer bass and brighten the highs. Excellent purchase. And there is no noise associated with this little device. Very happy with this.

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