Explorer access

Sorry guys to bother about this simple thing. This used to work like a charm last time I installed volumio… I’m trying to access local storage. I’m used to just type in \volumio.local (or the name I gave the volumio install) and be able to access the local storage and add my libary. However since I had to do a fresh install due to auto update issues I’m not able to do this anymore. 2 things happen:

  • Browsing to \volumio.local brings up a login dialog (using my work domain, with the message that the system is not able to access the domain controller. Weird… Have logged in with volumio@local to try and tackle this), where I use volumio twice to access. However the message is I’m not authorized.
  • Trying to reach my device via the network in explorer. The device is listed, however I’m taken to the webbrowser and webui instead of the local files.

Both solutions I have found on this forum, but no success. What am I doing wrong?! Thanks!

I just had to rebuild one of my two Volumios because of the issue with the latest (RPi 5 compatible) version not updating on devices originally installed with V2.x.
I’m still able to access and copy files in Windows Explorer via the default SMB shares.
\\volumio\usb is where my music lives.

That’s great. So I suppose simply typing \volumio in the explorer bar does the trick on your side? Can you think of a reason why for my configuration a login dialog pops up?

you can enter

username: volumio
password: volumio

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately volumio + volumio does not grant me access. I’m not authorized to access. See the first point I’ve mentioned for a more elaborate explanation.

Anyone with an alternative?