Experienced Web Developer looking to get to work!

Hello everyone! Just to make things clear, I’m not looking for money. This project is awesome, but I really think I could use my web development skills to make a better MPD client for you guys. What’s awesome is that I’ve been planning on writing one in Haskell, using the really fast + clean Yesod web framework to make an efficient web server that correctly communicates to MPD, while the remote control client is running an advanced front-end library, like jQuery-Mobile, AngularJS, or something cool + custom with a vector graphics framework like Snap.js and Hammer.js! Regardless, I’m looking forward to supplying this project with a useful tool. My goal is to create a unique, yet useful UI for this as well, I’ll have to demonstrate and expose my ideas to have you all critique them. My end goal is to have a small box that can run off one cigarette lighter that powers a Raspberry Pi, SSD Hard Drive, Fan, and a miniature router, so I can have millions of high quality songs in my car! I’m still running off an analog input to my deck, but give me long enough, and I’ll have a mobile beauty machine :sunglasses: .
Hope to do work with you guys soon! Oh, by the way, do you guys have a svn or git repo I can peruse? Just out of curiosity.

Let me tell you: wow!
Your contribution is more than welcome! The current Volumio’s WebUi was deveoped initially for RaspyFI, by two guys that left the project. With minor changes made by me. From what I hear, you can take the user experience of Volumio to a whole new level.
You can find Volumio’s git here:

The current Ui environment relies on Nginx and php-fpm, and the webui itself is php and node.js .
What about discussing in the development talks here on the Forum?
I had the idea of creating\implementing something similar to rompr:

What do you think?