Expand API to include "My Web Radio" support

I love Volumio, and use it daily for web radio (for which it’s great).

I’ve hooked up some basic stuff to the API (play/pause and volume) but one thing I notice is that there’s no current way to swap between web radio stations (stored in “My Web Radio”) without going via the web GUI.

Would it be possible to expand the API to allow selection between stored web radio stations? Either to select a specific stored item or to move between the prev/next (similar to the current playlist stepping)?

Add your favorite Radios to a playlist then switch to that playlist then the API (next) should work.

That’s the workaround I’m using.

It’s just a bit of a fudge rather than being able to do it directly via the API.
And of course if you have to adjust the URI for the station (if the source changes it or something expires etc) then you need to rebuild the playlist again. Certainly do-able, but if you have a decent sized library of stations then it’s some work.