Exit Volumio Shop - Pi Touch Screen


I’m using Volumio on the Raspberry Pi 3 with the 7 inch touch screen. The settings menu includes an option to view the Volumio Shop. Question - how do I exit the shop screen and return to the Volumio settings menu? I have only been able to do that by rebooting the system - I’m sure that there must be a more elegant solution!


If you have a hardware keyboard connected, you should be able to use “Ctrl+w” to return to the Volumio UI.

If you are using matchbox-keyboard as a virtual keyboard, on the shop page look for “Product categories” and touch “Select a category” below it. This will open a list of … product categories :wink: and a search bar on top of them. When you tap into the search bar the virtual keyboard should appear and you can enter “Ctrl+w” from there. Alternatively you can scroll pretty much to the bottom of the shop page. Below the header “Listen to Music the Right Way” there is an input field with a button labeled “SIGN UP” next to it. Touching that input field will also open the virtual keyboard and you can type “Ctrl+w”.