Exclude UPnP/DLNA content from indexing


I’m running Volumio 1.55 on a Raspberry Pi 2 B. It all works great but I have a question regarding UPnP/DLNA indexing. My UPnP/DLNA server is Plex Media Server running on an iMac. My Plex media library consists of both music, photos and videos (movies and TV-series). The library is presented for an UPnP/DLNA client with a folder structure where the top folders are Music, Photos and Video.

I find it a bit in excess (and very time consuming) that volumio indexes all sources in the Plex media library. It won’t be able to play the videos or show the photos anyways so I would like to exclude them from the indexing process. My question is if there is some way to exclude indexing of video and photos by altering some configuration file on the Raspberry Pi running volumio? I can’t find the configuration file for it, perhaps there are none?

Another way would be to set up a separate UPnP/DLNA server for music on the iMac but then the question is how to configure volumio on the Raspberry Pi to exclude certain UPnP/DLNA servers som indexing?