Ethernet isolator

Has anyone used an Ethernet isolator to galvanically isolate the signal? I just bought the Emo Systems EN-70. I have 2 Ghent Audio silver plated ethernet cables connected on each end.

If you’ve used one of these, what’s been your experience?


Ethernet devices already have isolation transformers. IEEE 802.3 specifies that Ethernet interfaces must be capable of withstanding 1500 Vrms


I didn’t know that. So why do all these audio reviewers keep talking about galvanically isolating ethernet? Going as far to claim (without measurements) that it provides better sound/timing.
For me, it was was sort of an inexpensive online impulse purchase. But I’ve seen some costing >$1000 (Network Acoustics muon Ethernet Filter).
Thanks for your reply.

cause it is a niche market and they sell crazy things in crazy prices… I have seen an ethernet cable cost thousands of USD…

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Non-audio related, still - not all ethernet devices are well isolated. I don’t see any isolation transformer on my ASUS Thinker Board, but I have seen chunky transformers on router and modem boards - each standing next to its corresponding port. Chunky transformers were common on PCI ethernet cards and again motherboard integrated ethernet ports rarely have them.

Electrons flowing in ethernet cables don’t know they are audio bits. There is long way before these electrons discover themselves in dac chip. Billions of transistors must be crossed.

To fair to Emo Systems, it seems their core market is providing isolators for medical systems where the rules are a very stringent.

I cannot talk about the Tinker board but the RPi4 definitely has the standard transformers.

I was basically told by Hans Beekhuyzen on his channel when I posted speculation about a $1100 isolator being useful in any way.
I was a little disappointed in him as I thought he was fairly reasonable but his videos (basically promotion) of crazy overpriced accessories like this has given me pause.

Thanks for all the responses!!!

Hi together,

I’m happily using two of those from DeLock.

I was using my RPi4 with an audioquest Dragonfly Red and had mysterious clicking noises coming from my speakers.
The noise came from a Seagate NAS which was connected to the same network switch as the RPi.

I isolated the RPi with one of those and the problem was solved.

They work very well to isolate the LAN Connection completely, including the ground.
I can’t tell if it makes an audible difference in every system, but it’s really cheap and worth a try.

OMG, these things are a scam. Just like massivly thick audio cables and ‘gold’ connectors. It is amazing to me what ppl come up with to scam $ from ppl. Ethernet already has isJ
olation and the signals are digital. forget about it and move on


Yes, pure snake oil! $1,100 for something that probably costs $3 to make and does absolutely nothing to improve audio…