Ethernet connection direct to win 10 pc

Volumio loaded in Pi 4b, was able to connect via hotspot to set up. Would like to connect via ethernet cable, but unsuccessful. Is there a faq or other guidance to establish this connection. I want to be able to stream WAV files on the pc to RPi streamer and DAC. Thx

The most reliable and easiest way is to connect your PC and RPI4 to the same internet router/modem.

You can try a direct connection. You will need a crossover cable i.e. a T568A to T568B cable. You will also have to manually assign IP addresses. There are a lot of potential pitfalls including the fact that Volumio on the RPI4 will not have internet access. Volumio is very dependant on internet access these days.

Thank you very much… I had the feeling I was only seeing one way communication, and thought possibly a crossover cable would be required. As I operate the system in a non wireless internet environment, I still want to pursue this. I can work what you have given me.

Hi Keith… I have connected with crossover cable, seeing the Ethernet connection to my streaming device with both send and receive showing on status. I tried to manually assign ip address in properties (IPv4) by first finding the address in command line “ipconfig”.

Still unable to connect through Ethernet connection, (volume.local in browser) but can connect via the hotspot generated by VOLUMIO on the pi using same address in browser.

Any further recommendations?

I assume your PC is usually connected to the internet via a router. If that is the case the PC will have an address of 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x or 172.n.x.x where n is an integer between 16 and 31.

Use an address range that is not being used by the router. For example. If the router has assigned an address of use the 192.168 range. Give the PC a fixed address and the Raspberry Pi the address

Thanks Keith,

The setup is pc, no router, no internet connected via crossover cable direct to pi, which is then connected to i2s DAC. The system is in a remote shop building with no internet available.

As to assigning addresses, when I select properties for the Ethernet connection, and choose “assign the following IP… “ I am setting the IP for the Raspberry Pi? If so, where then do I assign a fixed IP for the PC itself?

Or do I have this backwards…

I’m not sure how well Volumio will work without internet access but you can try. You need to assign fixed IP addresses for bot the PC and the Rpi. For the PC try and for Rpi. To get instructions on how to do do it the PC try a google search for “windows set fixed ip address” or similar.