error objec Object poup message

i have problem with my volumio virtuoso, error objec Object popup message, no longer gives me the bluetooth and tidal streaming options,
as if I had no virtuous subscription

Same problem with the actual software. Can´t activate TIDAL and my device does not appear in myVolumio. Can´t delete old devices in myVolumio. Any suggestions or help with this ?

i have the same problem no streaming, no qobuz and error message: Object object…
in my profil popup error object object…


Same problem here with Version 2.698

Was an issue on our side. It has been fixed. Sorry

I still have problems with streaming services and network hard drives, I paid for the virtuous subscription and I cannot take advantage of the options of this subscription, I want compensation

It’s working again! Thank you for fixing the problem!

You’re welcome and sorry about it happening