error installing volumio on raspi 2

Every time i try to instal I get this error:

I try several sd cards 2gb, 8gb, 16gb and 32gb… always fails.


Have you checked your image md5sum?

I downloaded from volumio webpage. I did not check. How can i do it?
Do you have another link to download?

The checksum is displayed near the download link. Note that it is for the image rather than the zipped file download (I think). How you check it depends on what OS you are using … using Linux, i type the command ‘md5sum volumio-2.3xxx.img’, and compare it’s md5sum check with the one shown on the download page.

I’m on windows. I will download again i will check the IMAGE MD5.

And if is a error what sould i do?

thanks for your help

I got this error:

Those SD Cards could well be defected or corrupted…
Or you might change your SD writer

I try with a Samsung 16 sd card.

But now, I cant instal de bubbleup plugin. What is missing?


There are many freeware programs to check hash codes of which MD5 is only one. if you google for hash check, you should find several.
I have never tried this myself because I have software installed to accomplish the task. It is a website so you don’t need to install anything.

Here is one you can install if you prefer not to use a website which may be slower

Hash checking often takes awhile to produce a result because it is reading every character of the large file and performing calculations,
so please be patient. You may want to try it on a small file just to see how the process works.