Error creating folder: Enospc: no space left on device, modify '/data/temp'

Just updated volumio to 2.873 on a raspberry pi 3 with 400 gb sd card and and allo digione. Tried updating spotify connect. But it returns the subject error. Any help appreciated. Local music directory seems to work fine.

Seems your Pi shut down while Volumio was still accessing the SD-Card.
You can putty to your pi and try to delete the content of /data/temp:
remove dirs: sudo rm -rf /data/temp/

It didn’t work, I have the same problem. Can’t install any plugin. Is there a rescue or, as usual, the answer in the case of volumio is to re-flash sd cards? I am fed up with this, the software is so stable that I have to upload the sd once a week. Every time after a few days it fills up to 100 percent and won’t let you install anything and spotify connect stops working!