Error about errors

Volumio seems unruly.
The Album shows in compilations all different Artists as different Albums. The TAG “Albumartists” is read incorrectly.

Another mistake

If the data source, here the NAS fails and one chooses a title in volumio, Volumio crashes. Actually such inputs should be intercepted so the system does not crash.
Although startmelody on “off” it is played.

If volumio is then either restarted, or can be operated again after several minutes, it takes an eternity until internetradio activated, the switch of the radiosender is then also very sluggish.

Also, the network path is then no longer found. Only when re-storing is the source completely read again.

Perhaps the developer team should take care of the core functions and not to such minorities as Spotify and useless Wlan hotspot.

Ha. I was just about to file a report about this.

The list for Album shouldn’t really be looking at either the Artist or Albumartist tag as they only relate to the list by Artist. The list by Album should ONLY look at the Album tag and then list each unique Album. Nothing more, nothing less.


Perhaps you should be asking for things in a politer way and not tell us after zero contributions what we have to do and not to do. And if you don’t like Spotify or hotspot, then it is more your problem than ours.

Perhaps you can either 1) contribute and help out or 2) shut the hell up and get lost.

ssssht please :wink: No need to add more, we all make a mistake here and there…

You’re right. I was born in Brooklyn, hard to contain myself sometimes. :slight_smile: