Dear volumio group if you add a equalizer system in volumio music player then player sound more good . please think this features . thank you .

Balbuze has already created a plugin for volumio 2 that will add an equalizer.

Its currently still in development, but should be released very soon.

Thank you for reply . dear volumio 2 have an equlizer system ?

Dear when release volumio 2 ?

Dear new volumio realise 20/08/2016 but no equlizer added . can anyone tell me when this features added in volumio ?

A work is still in progress. It will be provided as a plugin. It will be more than a simple equalizer. I can’t tell you exactly when, but maybe before the end of september it should be ok…

Ok dear i am very happy your reply and i am waiting for this features .

Hi there. Now that I’ve got Volumio 2 and your Spotify Connect plug-in up and running, I’m looking to improve the sound on my tiny speakers (I’m too greedy!) Is there any update on the EQ plug-in? Thanks for your hard work! Treve

I am still now waitting for equalizer plug ins . i don’t know when i get it . :neutral_face:

Good things come to those who wait!

But why is waiting for good things that should come to those who wait so hard? :smiley:

Many volumio version releaseing some few month ago but when available equlizer system in volumio can anyone tell me ?


Dear michelangelo what i do this link ? how can i get equlizer plug ins ?

I think that plugin linked to by Michelangelo will eventually include an equaliser.

brutefir.zip this file now under testing no audio sound quality improve

I know you are waiting for this feature for such a long time…
Brutefir plugin does what it what suppose to do since the begining : installing, setting and using brutefir in few clicks. It is done, once can use custom filter filter in 5 minutes !
The equalizer function is a add-on : why not using brutefir which is able to manage a equalizer ? It’s because I started to add this. But unfortunatly, I struggle to finish. And to be honnest I didn’t spend a lot of time on that point… I’m going to restart, but I think I would need some to write index.js …
Really sorry for this new delay … :frowning:

Dear balbuze Brutefir plugin is not a equalizer plug ins ? if not then what is working of Brutefir plugin ?

Brutefir plugin is easy way to use brutefir in volumio2 to apply custom filter and thus doing DRC.
And brutefir can be used a equalizer. This part will be use in the plugin to provide what you are waiting for.
So yes the plugin will provide a equalizer, but not only !
As of now what is working :
installation, configuration, and use of custom filter (the plugin provide some filters to test).

What not works yet :
gain and phase equalizer

ok balbuze thank you for reply now i want to know how to install Brutefir plugin ? kindly tell me Brutefir plugin installing procedure ?