Equalizer: Only HDMI?

I installed the latest/greatest MyVolumiio last week and like it a lot. But I needed an equalizer. I found the plugin, and installed it, but it doesn’t seem to do anything on the AV mini plug port. Is this expected?
The only way I could get my audio frequencies adjusted was to follow what I read here:


Just thought I’d verify with others.


what is your device?
I never tested it with hdmi output.
Did you wait about 20 sec after enabling?
Did you change something after enabling the plugin? (mixer?)
Did you reboot?
please give more details

Hello, I’m using a Raspberry Pi. Sorry, I didn’t know there were other options. I downloaded the image and wrote it to my SD card.
The original testing I did was via HDMI since I had it on a TV with a keyboard, and didn’t have the special cable I needed to hook it into my stereo.
But upon hooking it to my stereo, I noticed the response was ‘flat’. I adjusted the sliders on the equalizer, saved, applied, etc., but it never made any difference. I also tried some of the ‘pre-programmed’ equalizer settings (ie: Rock, Jazz, et al) but none of them changed the sound.
Rebooting, yes. I did a few times.
Have others had success with the equalizer plugin? Maybe I’m not waiting long enough? I thought I waited quite a while, since I noticed it sometimes takes a while to respond to the application.


In the early days I tested the “volsimpleequal” with 3,5mm jack , HifiBerry + ,Hdmi and they all worked fine .

As far as I can remember !
-No Equal. active
-Set Playback as Hdmi
-Test if sound
-Activate Equal.
I don’t know about the current versions but wait at least 30 seconds after reboot before testing/playing
and do not mess with the Playback settings after enabling and a reboot