Enjoying Volumio since past few weeks

Hello everyone,

I recently moved from using a mac mini as source to ALLO USBridge.

I am using the latest version of Volumio and am very happy with its performance.
It has a very nice GUI with minimum of clutter, and is also very user friendly.

Though I have very little knowledge of Linux, Volumio is a breeze to setup and use.
The sound quality is top class which is a key element for audiophiles.

Though there are many other plugins and other mpd clients to use, I am more than happy with the inbuilt player.

The only two problems I am facing right now is a ‘Library Management’ which is quite slow with large libraries and sometimes just get deleted and I need to run it again.
The second is not able to detect the media server installed under my NAS.

Otherwise this is a top class effort and my thanks to Michelangelo for giving us such a great product free of cost.

Thanks Bantay for your nice words.

We are working hard to improve Volumio and the 2 issues you’re having are part of such effort.
So its just a matter of waiting for a new update