Empty Album - Error No results

I am trying to put all albums of an albumartist which has diffrent artist tags under one tile.

To make it clear :slight_smile:
When I go to Browse and choose Artists I get the listing of all Album Artists ( Sort Artist By is set to albumartist. ).


By changing the albumartist tag from Bob Marley & the Wailers to Bob Marley. All albums from albumartist ‘Bob Marley & the Wailers’ and from ‘Bob Marley’ can now be found under single albumartist Bob Marley tile.


So far so good. But when I select an album from ‘Bob Marley & the Wailers’ I’m getting an ‘empty’ screen. The album also cant be played when selecting Play on the album tile. ( Funny enough under Tracks the content of an album can be seen and played. )


Is this a bug?
To fix this the tag Artist also has to be set to Bob Marley.
Is it possible to have diffrent artist and albumartist tags and still see the content of an album?


The Update v2.692 fixes the problem but in my eyes its actually a workaround. The ideal fix would be that within albumartist tile you can see the main artist + featured ones and still be able to list the song and play them play after pressing on that album. But definitely thank you for the update it did save me alot of time. :slight_smile: