Edit /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBRADIO

I’m new to Raspberry Pi, apologize. I’m using the latest version of Volumio, 2.0 on Raspberry Pi 3.
I see in several sites that talk about editing the contents of the / var / lib / mpd / music / WEBRADIO folder.
I read that it can be accessed from the windows explorer, \ volumio , but there I only see an empty Internal Storage folder.
I try to access via ssh, but I’m not sure how to do it. Using $ ls-I do not see any of that.
Can you help me?

Same problem here. I hope we’ll figure something out.

It’s not a part of the ‘Internal Storage.’ If you want to edit it then you will need to ssh into your Volumio installation (or alternatively, connect a monitor and keyboard to your device). For windows, have a look at using the program ‘putty’ and login to the appropriate IP address with username ‘volumio’ and password ‘volumio.’

From Linux, simply:

ssh volumio@192.168.x.y

and enter the password.

Edit: just noticed that the directory in the Subject is not the correct one for Volumio 2. Your webradios are actually located in the file:


I’m not sure that the preset radio stations are easily accessible.

Thank you for your patience. I’m new to both Pi and Volumio. I want to learn a little more about the general functioning.
You’re very kind.