Easy way to externally save "Backup" file?

Hi and thanks for the very useful “Backup” plug-in. I am using it constantly now because the latest version of Volumio seems to over-write the queue when I select anything to play from my NAS. I’ll post that issue elsewhere,

Could Backup be enhanced to allow the Volumio system to write the backup file to a USB memory card plugged into a Raspberry Pi USB port? And could the restore part read the backup file from that USB device?

As it stands now, the actual backup file is buried inside the RPi and is not easy to access. The change I suggest above will make two things much easier:

  1. Routine backup and restore operations on a single Volumio system.

  2. Cloning a particular Volumio configuration toa new system.

Many thanks! --Dan

Not really answering your questions but maybe of help for the time being:

The backup is stored to /data/INTERNAL/volumio_data.tgz and this location is accessible via SMB (IIRC).

Thanks, gvolt!

Yes, I know that I could dig around with a Terminal app inside the RPi and copy the backup file out but it seems like a much simpler "Backup to external USB drive method would be a lot easier. But I may wind up doing what you suggest until the Backup plug-in is (hopefully) enhanced.

Grazie… --Dan

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Hi Dan,

it’s not required to login to Volumio via SSH and to use a terminal in order to access the contents of /data.

On your PC you just need to create an SMB share to Volumio. When you open the SMB share you should see three directories: “Internal Storage”, “NAS” and “USB”. The backup file will be in “Internal Storage” and can be copied, moved or deleted using the file explorer of the OS your running on the PC.

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