duck, newbie

I have a large volume of music. I live in New Orleans, La because of my musical loves. I’m primarly a r&b, Jazz fan. Its from the beginning to the most recent voices. I’m drawn to the beaglebone for a number of reasons, ubuntu, small footprint, and the cost.

I’m going to work on installing the volumio player this week end. Christian Scott is playing tonight along with Joe Lovono. Live always trumps canned.

Any hints on the HDMI output of the beaglebone. at first boot it did not work. Using new toshiba led HD tv.

I should add that I will be using a Maverick DAC for usb audio playout of the BeagleBone with Genolec speakers. I have been using a acer laptop running Itunes, this takes for ever to mount a 1 tB drive.