Dual power supply working this scheme?

Hello! Technical question, related to power supplies. I have such a monitor, which can be seen in the link. I connected it to the PI4B with 2 adapter connectors. The factory power supply of the pi4B is plugged into the power socket of the pi4B as shown in the picture. So the monitor (in principle) now receives power from the Pi4B touch port. If I plug another, for example, 5v2A power supply into the monitor’s own usbC power socket, will I relieve the PI4B automatically? So probably the monitor will know where to draw power from? For cleaner operation, I would like to power the display with my own dedicated power supply. Opinions? Thanks whoever answers. Regards from Hungary.

(The link, I have this type of monitor, I connected it anyway, so the question would be powering from the 2 adapters.)


I don’t have this screen but the 7.9 Inch.
With the 7.9 inch it will take the additional connected PSU above the power from the touch port.

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