DSP recommendations

PI3B, HiFiBerry DiGi2 Pro, Volumio 3.159.

I am considering adding a DSP to my setup and am looking for recommendations.
Will it have to be from HiFiBerry?
If other makes would work, which models have worked well ?


I am happy with this solution.

Schiit Audio: Audio Products Designed and Built in California.

I go from the external DAC to the Loki and the 4 band Eq really helped my speakers sparkle. I was able to take out the muddy midrange while boosting the highs.

Thanks for your suggestion, it was not one I was aware of.
However I was thinking more along the lines of another PI HAT that could be controlled in Volumio 3.x
It maybe a bit trivial but I do like the idea of a listening to differences of the frequency profile that I can visualised through Volumio’s UI. My current audio setup seems pretty good but as it is completely DIY I do wonder if there is a simple improvement that can be made, if only to correct room factors.

Have you looked at the FusionDSP plug-in which is available for Volumio 3?

No I haven’t.
Excuse my ignorance but what hardware does that work with?

I believe that your RPi3B should be ok. Please see this thread for details

I have just scan read the thread, thanks. Looks very interesting.
So it is software effecting the signal in the PI rather than an additional PCB with a dedicated sound processor on it, Have I got that right?


Yes it is a 100% software DSP…
Should work with all sources, all HW,. even if it is not the case yet with beta version.
But feel free to test and feedback :wink:

Wow, that’s a fabulous addition to Volumio, thanks guys, can’t wait to give it a go.
Last question (I hope), does it come with a graphical output as well?

No graphical output…
And I have to warn you that there some issues… Beta!:blush:
I’m going to close this thread. Please, post in FusionDsp thread now.

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