DSP for small speakers

I use a B&W M1 in my kitchen. These little speakers have great sound thanks to a built in DSP which creates a very spacious sound from small speakers, something like SRSWOW. It also creates a quasi bass experience.

I use similarly sized speakers with Volumio and although the sound is very good, I am missing that depth and bass.

Would it be possible to include a similar DSP in Volumio, specifically for use with small speakers?

Yep, DSP is on my to do list…

Great to hear that some form of dsp is in the works!

I tinker quite a bit with simple speaker designs and try to avoid any equalization networks between the amp and driver, but most single driver speakers need at least some baffle step compensation. A simple DSP function… even if it is just a 10-12 band equalizer like Foobar… would be fantastic! It makes perfect sense to broadcast the audio “flat” and then let each receiver contour as required by each room and speaker set.

Lately I have been building some compact bookshelf speakers with the Faital Pro 3FE25 because they are efficient and have very little distortion, but this application requires quite a bit of compensation.

I think there was a HifiBerry project for a RPi DSP. Quite interesting. Wonder if it’s possible to go for roomcorrection /w Volumio as well :slight_smile: something for the future.

I’m just coming to the Volumio world but the project I’m starting with it is to integrate DSP for a six channel active crossover. If I get that in place simple parametric eq for small (or other) speaker correction will be there as well :smiley: