DSF DFF not detect by the library

I wonder if some tracing exists for the library when dealing
with dsf or dff files.
Volumio does not detect some of them, and i dont know why
despite they are readable with some spare audio player like mpv for instance.

So far i track down, mpd log
error: Failed LSINFO: null
Aug 23 23:32:33 vol1 volumio[4144]: info: CURURI: music-library/NAS/music-sacd/the_police/discography/zenyatta_mondatta_sacd
Aug 23 23:32:33 vol1 volumio[4144]: error: Failed LSINFO: null

when i browse some directories where are the invidible dff or dsf (WEIRD)
I forget to mention that my share, is an NFS share

Any ideas ?