DSD tags not shown from UPnP server


I’m using twonky media server installed on my QNAP as UPnP server with volumio on PI 3 as a renderer (Media Servers). Everything works fine besides that when I play a DSD file the playback screen shows the UPnP filename and not the track name and it is impossible to recognize which track is being played. I’ve checked the files (.dsf) and they are properly tagged. Moreover, other software can read the tags normally. Please note that the files are not “imported” from the QNAP share - effectively, my MusicLibrary is empty - I’m just using UPnP. Any suggestions what am I doing wrong or is this not supported? The tags from the FLAC files I have are shown correctly.


I suspect that is just not a function that has been implemented … try looking on the Github site for clarification, and if necessary raise an issue.