DSD Files available only by Music Library section

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a problem, i use Volumio 2 , 2.917, installed on a raspberry 3b with a digi pro+ hat.

i can’t see my DSD files when i search in the Artist or Album section. But if i go i the Music Library and i scroll by the artist, album , then i see my DSD files and they play when i click on it.

but i should be able to see the DSD files on artist and Album too…

do i miss a plugin or a setting ?

what is the file extension of your DSD files?
.dff does not support tagging, .dsf does.
Also, when the .dsf files were copied from a .dff file, they won’t have tags either.

they got dsf extension, so i need to tagged manually those files?

Yes, looks like they have no tags, try a tag editor for one of them.

i’ve just download MP3Tag, when i browse to the DSD folder , i found that all the tags are ready there , but still not see them in artist or album section in Volumio …

Then perhaps @Volumio has an idea?

Unfortunately no…

so no one can help me?

I think the problem in finding a solution here, probably, is seeing the actual files. Do you have a very short track, or are you able to truncate a track (obviously making sure that it still plays) that a dev could look at?

i can try to truncate a file …