DSD direct on Amanero Combo384 USB DAC

Hi All

I am new to Volumio.
My Raspberry Pi3B is connected to my DAC through Amanero Combo384 USB.
I found that the DAC can recognize DSD only when Volumio play with DSD on PCM setting.
Anyone can help?

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Hi, in my belief, Volumio version 2.779 (Released: Jun 8 18:35:15 CEST 2020) has reversed functions names for “DSD playback mode”: “DSD direct” and “DSD over PCM (DoP)”. Personally, I don’t mind, but it can be confusing for other Volumio users.

I’m just listening to PURE DSD DAC through Amanero Combo384 USB (DSC2 DAC). After booting up Volumio, first “play” in Direct DSD mode and you won’t hear anything. Press the STOP button, change to DSD DoP mode and play another song. I believe you will succeed too, it plays fantastically. Report the result, please.

Hello! I use the same Amanero board too with RPi 3 and Volumio 2.x.
DSD64 play good in both setting (Direct/DOP), DSD128 play in DOP normal, but in Direct with interrupting. DSD256 play with interrupting in both setting (Amanero support DSD up to 512). What the problem may be?

Hi !
I finally gone through the painful journey and get proper setting and get DSD 512 with RPi3, Amanero and Volumio 2.x.
When Volumio set to Direct or DoP with Amanero, it can run DSD up to DSD128.
The problem is came from the firmware of Amanero board. The default firmware is optimized for WIndows, not Linux.
The firmware must be updated for Linux to play DSD 256 or 512…
Once it was done. you can play DSD 256 or 512.
You can get the programming tool and firmware from official website below:


Warning! Please make sure your Amanero board is original.
Otherwise, you will fail to program it and make it become a brick!
Or you need another way (unofficial) to reprogram it.
Good luck!

Thanks! Unfortunately, I use Amanero from aliexpress (as part of the DAC on 9038k2m), so the USB update will not work for me. I’ll try updating Volumio to the latest version (I’m on 2.x right now).

Hi, I tried Volumio 3 without update the Amanero, the situation is same. So, I think it cannot help even you updated the Volumio. Good luck.

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Hello! Thank you for advice!
I solved the problem by changing the firmware in Amanero (don’t ask me how)). Now DSD128 (5.6 MHz) sounds good in both Direct and DoP modes. Today I will try the DSD256 and 512 files (just wondering).
When I first turned it on after flashing, the sound was good in Direct mode, but in DoP I heard only digital noise (which is strange), but after changing the DoP / Direct settings again, music in DSD128 and DSD64 sounded in both modes. At the same time, in the application, the file being played is always displayed as DSD 5.6 MHz or 2.8, respectively, without conversion to PCM. Is that how it should be?

actually I don’t want to upgrade to Vol.3 as it still has a lot of bugs. For example, after installing V3 on my second Rasp, I “lost” my NAS (UPnP) in Sources and now access to my music collection is only via DLNA.

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I know how to update the firmware in “both” ways too. So don’t worry, I will not ask you :zipper_mouth_face:
I think the behavior is normal. The App always shows the file type regardless the play back option.
I don’t have DSD512 file to verify it. But I think it should be good too.
Hope you enjoy the music!

That’s why I still use Volumio 2x. :sweat_smile:


Hi, do you know if there is an issue with the Amanero combo 384 usb device on Volumio 3?
i have some problems with this input module, i use it with the Geshelli J2 dac, and the sound is not so good when i play from volumio, but when i plug it into a laptop with drivers installed, its another level

you said there are two ways of flashing it? what other way to flash than with the tool from Amanero?