DSD dead after 2.692 upgrade


my Audiolab MDAC+ started receiving PCM after the 2.692 (x86/x64) upgrade.
Although the configuration shows DSD Direct, only PCM is streamed to the dac.

Subsequent upgrades (2.698, 2.699) have not fixed this issue.

I would like to roll back to version 2.672 - this one worked well for me.

Could you please let me know where can I find it?


my setup: Intel NUC + Volumio x86 version 2.692 + AUDIOLAB MDAC+

We are looking into the issue

We checked, and no quirks have been added\deleted since the last build.
So it must be something with your setup.
Can you check:

  • Do you have equalizer plugin?
  • Do you use volume to max?
  • Did you set direct dsd or dop?

Let us know

I am seeing this also.

DSD not working on this build for me also. DSD is DOP going from Pi to DAC via USB.