DSD Auto Volume Level

As you know you need to set the volume to 100 for DSD files to play correctly, otherwise they are a mess of white noise.
There is an option in the settings called “DSD Auto Volume Level” and it will do just this ie turn the volume to 100 when it detects a DSD file.

All well and good… But it doesn’t turn the volume down again when it moves onto the next track in your play list.

So the Idea.
Can we have an option for volumio to turn down the volume to a pre-set level after it has finished playing the DSD track ( assuming its not playing another DSD directly after)

Mir ist aufgefallen, dass DSD-Files auf Volumio mit einer geringeren Lautstärke als FLAC abgespielt werden. Warum das?

You must have noticed the language here is english, so please be so polite.
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I noticed that DSD files on Volumio play at a lower volume than FLAC. Why this?

That is not Volumio, it is your DAC.
Volumio sends a bit-perfect stream, the DAC does the rest.

I noticed the same thing myself. DSD has a lower volume on volumio. It can’t be the DAC if many people have the same problem