Drobo isn't found after updating mac to Catalina

Hi - I’ve been using the files from a drobo drive as a source for volumio for a long time, and it’s mostly worked well. However, after updating my mac to Catalina recently, I can no longer figure out a way to mount the drive successfully. I’ve checked the permissions in Sharing in System Preferences, double checked all the settings in the drive setup dialog, but nothing works. Has something changed that anyone is aware of?

System Version - 2.692
Settings that used to work:
Alias - Drobo
NAS IP Address -
Path - SDdrobo/MP3 dvds - ALL
File Share Type - cifs
user name - **(correct one)
password - **(correct one)
Options - nothing specified

try vers=1.0 in the options.

Sorry, but that doesn’t make a difference. Still won’t mount.

Using the opportunity to test this with an xmas holiday guest’s macbook with Catalina installed, I cannot confirm the problem. But we did have to use “vers=1.0” to avoid cifs connection problems.

Thanks for your help! I suspect it’s something to do with security settings - it seems every iteration of macOS has some new gotcha’s you have to work around. FWIW I have another NAS mount that works, it’s just the drobo one that doesn’t.

What other entries can I try in the options field? I can’t find a manual for this, any help is appreciated!

No matter what I try, I seem to mostly get this:
Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 1.18.38 PM.jpg

This is what used to work, except it doesn’t now -

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 1.27.21 PM.jpg

really difficult to help without a drobo and macbook, sorry

Ok, sorry to bump this, but maybe someone has a new perspective to add to it. I keep trying to get this to work, and it just won’t. Is there maybe a file system incompatibility? The drobo drive is formatted for a mac. I wouldn’t think that would be a problem as I have another drive mounted that’s on a mac also, and it works. Any new ideas?