Driver mount in OSX

Hi everyone!
It’s been a week that i’m trying to mount a folder containing all the music files stored in my father’s Mac ('ve a PC and i never had a single problem, i hate those machines)…
When i try to write down the path for the folder, two things alternatively happen:

  1. nothing, the drive stay “un-mounted”, with the red X mark on the volumio screen
  2. I got an orange window with this error … 6.png?dl=0

I don’t now if i i maneged something wrong in the sharing option (the folder, from what i can see, it’s shared) or if make something wrong in writing the exact path of the folder.
When i try to write the IP address instead of the computer’s name i got this error: … 8.png?dl=0

If anyone has an idea, it would be welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Marxsis,

would you mind posting each of the settings that you have used in trying to add the folder … name, IP address, path, file share type etc.