`dpkg --print-architecture` values

Dear experts,

I am currently developing a plugin for Volumio that requires installation of a binary package. This binary package is available for various architectures, unfortunately architecture names do not match with dpkg --print-architecture value. So I need to establish a match table between my architecture string and dpkg architecture string.

Unfortunately I ignore what value will be returned by dpkg --print-architecture for many architectures. Can you please help me by providing the dpkg architecture string for all Volumio binary releases ?

Here is the list:

  1. Raspberry Pi => armhf
  2. PC (X86/X64)
  3. ODROID C1
  4. ODROID C2
  6. ASUS Tinkerboard

Thank you for your help.

From github.com/volumio/Build/blob/master/build.sh

Hi spyking,

Thank you for your help. By digging in the build.sh script you provided, I got the information I need.
In the end in Volumio, we can expect “arhmf” or “i386”. Architectures “arm64” and “amd64” seem unused for now.

Best regards