Does Volumio stream DSD or DXD?

Dear all,

I have Volumio 2.729 on Raspberry PI 3b, connected to a DAC Marantz SA KI Ruby via USB.
The DAC has an integrated CD/SACD/DVD transport, so I can burn the .dsf files onto a DVD and play them in their native form, DSD. I have done so with a .dsf file I have bought from, I can see on the display that, when playing the file from a DVD, it reads DSD 2.8 MHz.
Now when I stream the same file through Volumio the display of the DAC reads PCM352.8k/32, basically the DXD format.

What is happening here? is Volumio converting on the fly the DSD stream into DXD before transmitting it over the USB link to the DAC?
Or is it just a bug of the Marantz DAC?


I have a R Pi 3B+ with Allo Boss V1.2 DAC
This is what I see when I play DSD/DSF files.

Also in my case I see DSD in the current song page of volumio, but the DAC displays PCM352.8k/32 (see first photo)
Instead when playing that same file through the internal CD transport of the DAC, the DAC shows DSD 2.8MHz (see second photo)

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I have an update on this topic.
When I stream the .dsf file from my computer into the DAC, by using JRiver Media Center 26, my DAC shows it is a DSD stream, not a DXD.
So I can start to rule out a problem on the DAC side when using the USB input.

Further update.
I have found that if I set Volumio to stream DoP, then my DAC recognizes the stream as DSD. So I will stick to this configuration :slight_smile: